OK, so this is it, the finishing line is in sight! Join me as I stagger over the line exhausted .... well not quite but you get the idea!!

In light of changing circumstances we have taken the decision to make a move into the world of Interactive Remote Demonstrations (IRD's) however it's not quite as simple as you might think!! 

It rapidly became apparent that not only did I require a large amount of technology to do these to a level where I was happy with the output but I also needed to make some major changes in the workshop. My good friends at Record Power have been very interested in what I was up to and have asked to see the whole thing on film....or should that be video - showing my age a bit there!

Follow me as I step you through how I built the new "studio" that I will use to deliver my IRD's and you can see first hand just how "easy" it is ....

phoca thumb l andrew hall studio episode 4

Enjoy making shavings